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My iPod is frozen in Linux or the Apple OS.
Hold down the Menu and Select buttons for a while and your iPod will reboot. MAKE SURE THE LOCK BUTTON IS NOT ON!!

I Booted into Linux and now my computer does not recognize my iPod.
Your iPod must be booted into the Apple OS in order to be recognized by your computer click here to learn how to boot your iPod back into the Apple OS.

I Booted into Linux and now I cant get back to the Apple OS.
If you can still scroll through the menus, go back up to the main menu and then select the menu option "Reboot iPod." You will now recieve a confirmation screen at which you will select "Absolutely."

Your iPod will now reboot into the default OS. If you selected the checkbox to make Linux the default OS, hold down the rewind button and your iPod will boot into the Apple OS.

When I boot my iPod, I see a folder with a warning triangle.
During the installation your firmware became corrupted or you attempted (and somehow managed to avoided many program checks) to install Linux on an unsupported iPod. To correct, attach your iPod to your computer. Next, hold the menu and select buttons down until the iPod reboots and then immediately hold down the select and play buttons. This will put your iPod into "Disk Mode." Open the iPod Linux installer and after agreeing to the TOS, select your iPod and click the uninstall button. After waiting for the operation to complete, unmount your iPod and check to see if the issue is still present.

If the problem is still present, repeat the above proceedures however instead of running the isntaller again, backup the contents of your iPod and then use the apple supplied iPod firmware updater to restore the iPod to it's factory state.

You may still install linux on your iPod once this problem is solved assuming that your iPod is supported.

When I boot into linux, the contrast is too high or too low. (the screen is white/blank or black/dark)
If your contrast is set too high or too low, you may adjust it by changing the contrast setting. Before doing this however you should reset the contrast setting by holding down the menu button for 10 seconds while booted into linux. If this does not work, and you cannot acess the contrast settings option by looking at your iPod from different angles, you can listen to the clicks of your iPod to find the setting. First, boot your iPod into linux and rotate the scroll wheel clockwise until you hear two clicks. Press the select button and then you should hear another click. Now, rotate the wheel clockwise once again until you hear 5 clicks and then press the select button again. If your contrast is set too high (e.g. your screen is too dark) rotate the wheel counterclockwise. If your contrast is set too low (e.g. your screen is too light) rotate the wheel clockwise. Once you are done altering your contrast setting, press the select button and then look for the save settings option in the settings menu.

When I try to browse my music my iPod freezes.
Podzilla currently does not have support for podcasts which are the cause of this freezing. Your will need to delete these podcasts from your iPod in order to resolve this issue. A fix for this is on the way, but the devs are busy so a deadline is not set.

When I click the "Check for updates" button, I get an error.
If you are having troubles downloading updates, you should make sure that the installer is located in an area where you have read/write permissions. You will not be able to download updates if you launch the program from the .dmg volume it is packaged in.
If relocating the installer does not help, your issue is most likely a problem with your internet connection. Due to the number of different setups, there is really no way to provide a sure-fire way to correct this problem. Your best chance would be to turn off your firewall and if this does not work, you are on your own.

This help documentation did not help me.
If you have questions about the installer, boot troubles, etc. please contact me and I will be happy to answer your question as quickly as possible. If your question is about using podzilla, you may want to check before contacting me as many questions have already been answered there.

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