Can I still use the Apple supplied OS?
Absolutely. This is the great thing about iPodLinux. By installing it, you only gain more functionality!

Can this hurt my iPod?
There is always the possibility that something can ruin something. With that said, of the time I have spent on the iPodLinux kernel project which is from about 2002, I have not heard of a person harming their iPod yet.

What iPod do I own?
If you are having trouble identifying your iPod, try comparing it to the iPods in the chart below. If you still cannot identify it, you may look at this page which goes into more technical identification details. If you still cannot figure out out what iPod you own, you should ask someone around you for help.

Could I get more information about the audio recording?
For recording information please visit the recording page on ipodlinux.org. You may also click here to listened to a guitar solo recorded at 96kHz using a $10 pc microphone (converted to an mp3 for size reasons).

How do I turn off the iPod when linux is running?
If your iPod supports it, you may find a sleep or "turn off iPod" menu option under the Power menu. If you do not, then the only way you may turn off your iPod is to reboot it back into the apple OS and turn it off from there.

Can I install Linux on an iPod that has MAC OS X on it?
No, the Linux file system is set up in a similar fashion as to that of OS X therefore the two cannot exist at the same time. As a side note, you might want to remove OS X from your iPod because running a full scale OS on a portable device can decrease the life of the hard drive.

My iPod is formatted as Fat32 what should I do?
If you can, format your iPod so that it is HFS+ formatted using the iPod Software Updater located in /Applications/Utilities/iPod Software Updater. The Fat32 file format does not allow for unix/linux file permissions and as a result makes it fairly useless for iPod-Linux. If you absolutely must have your iPod formatted as Fat32, I would suggest using the windows installer located at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipodlinuxinstl. This installer creates a new partition on your iPod so Linux will run however the process will prevent you from viewing the linux file system. I did not make this installer and will not be able to provide tech support for any problems you may have.

I only have Windows what do I do?
There is a windows iPod-Linux installer located at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipodlinuxinst. I did not make this installer and will not be able to provide tech support for any problems you may have.

Will X functionality be added any time soon?
Upgrades and new forms of functionality are constantly being added to iPodLinux, If you want something added or improved you can either become part of the iPodLinux project or request this functionality.

When will the next version of this program be released?
This program has a built in updater so new program releases will only be made when new iPods are supported or when an alteration to the installation method is made.

Where can I get more information regarding podzilla and uClinux?
More information about podzilla and uClinux can be found at http://ipodlinux.org.

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