Welcome to the iPod-Linux Installer project hosted by sourceforge. The goal of this project is to create an easy to use GUI program that enables Mac OS X user with iPods to install linux on HFS+ formatted iPods while still allowing users to keep and use the Apple Supplied OS. Currently this project supports 1G, 2G, and 3G iPods. 4G, Mini, and Photo iPods are now supported. Installation on Nano and 5G iPods is possible with this installer but no support will be given for these iPods! Make absolutely sure you back your files up if you are using a post 3G iPod as this is an alpha installer release.
This installer would not be made possible without the hard work from the devs at ipodlinux.org check them out!

A big thanks goes out to all donators of this project and the iPod-Linux Project! Your support helps these projects continue.
For more updates about the iPod Linux project please see the blog: iPodLinux blog



May 24, 2006 - Version 0.4b (alpha) released! Adds support for second board revision Nano and 2G iPods and third board revision 1G iPods. This release also adds other debug information to speed up the debug process.

Apr 9, 2006 - Version 0.4a (alpha) released! Adds support for second revision 4G iPods and changes iPod photo installation paramiters.

Apr 1, 2006 - Version 0.4 (alpha) released! See downloads page for program changes. Supports 1-4G, Mini, and Photo iPods. Nano and 5G(Video) iPods installations are possible but are NOT SUPPORTED. This is an alpha release so be prepared for some bugs.


Current Development Plan

- Add package manager to installer and make overall improvements in design/fix bugs as reported.

- Will be working on recording once my laptop is hopefully repaired...

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